Prompt engineering and development for a fairy tale generation service

Fairy Tale AI Generation

The goal

The client from Romania approached us with the idea of ​​creating a service for generating children's fairy tales. Text, illustrations, and audio readings of the tale, all of this can be generated using artificial intelligence. The main thing is to properly coordinate the work of several neural networks, synchronize them in order to obtain a complete illustrated text. We carried out mutual integration of the models and fully developed the backend of the new platform. To make reading this case more interesting for you, we added illustrations to the page. The basis of these illustrations is visual and textual quotes from the fairy tale generated by the service.

  • Timeline

    3 months
  • Year


Project team

  • Zakhar Doroshenko

    Project Manager

  • Yan Bortsov

    Backend developer

  • Maxim Ivanov

    R&D Engineer

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