Donor Finance - a charitable blockchain project blurring the boundaries between web3 and web2

Donor Finance

The goal

The main idea of the Donor Finance project is to help those in need around the world while simultaneously providing people engaged in charity work with an opportunity for additional income. An accompanying goal is to unite the worlds of blockchain and fiat, web3 and web2, and lower the entry barrier for users into the crypto industry.

  • Timeline

    3 months
  • Year


«When we first met Unistory, I asked many questions to understand if you truly understand web3. I quickly realized that coming across Unistory was a stroke of luck. Unistory created a decentralized charity SaaS for us in a short period of time. My business partner and I often have many questions, and our project manager, Ilya, always promptly addresses them. Everything is transparent and we are happy to work with you from day one».

(c) Ron, Donor Finance

Project team

  • Ilya Sokolov

    Project manager

  • Andrey Babenkov

    Frontend developer

  • Andrey Barabanov

    Frontend/Blockchain developer

  • Danila Skablov

    Backend developer

  • Rostislav Petrov


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