Dermadex App: photo-based AI dermatologic diagnosis


The goal

Rami immigrated to Canada from Iran many years ago. Back in his homeland, he left his business partner - Dr. Khoddami, a professional dermatologist. Together, they decided to develop an application where a neural network would determine dermatological diagnosis based on photos of problematic skin - and entrusted us with this task. The goal of the application is to help patients worldwide treat skin conditions.

  • Timeline

    6 months
  • Year


«I was looking for a team that can develop a mobile app capable of identifying skin disease from a photo. The Unistory's portfolio impressed me: expertise in neural networks and computer vision, experience in the medical field. I immediately decided that these guys are perfect for us, and I was not mistaken: from that moment until now, everything has been amazing. The result is the mobile app with a trained CLIP model that identifies six groups of skin diseases with high accuracy».

(c) Rami, Dermadex

Project team

  • Daniil Semenov

    Head of Project Management

  • Ilya Smirnov

    Project manager

  • Aleksey Chepurin

    UX/UI designer

  • Yuri Umnov

    ML engineer

  • Andrey Babenkov

    Mobile developer

  • Yan Bortsov

    Backend developer

  • Vladislav Kirbiatev

    Backend developer

  • Rostislav Petrov


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